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In Black Boy Poems, Tyson combines his experience surviving in the wilderness of North America as a Black Man with hip hop prose, and original analysis to shape what is arguably one of the most revolutionary statements of the early 21st century. Black Boy Poems was released on Oct. 15th 2016 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party. Spend some time in its pages and hopefully become inspired to fight for the freedom and liberation of all people.


I am happy to call this author my friend
I am happy to call this author my friend. He is an extremely caring and compassionate young man who is out in the community really working to make a difference in the course of Black Lives. He also happens to be a teacher and an excellent writer. This book is well worth reading and sharing.

- Dolores

A must read
Insightful. Well written. Commanding. This book provides a first person account of surviving as a Black man in America. Tyson did a masterful job of truth-telling, providing historical context and adding a contemporary lens by connecting his poetry.

- Kwhite

Great for black boys
Had my son read this book when he got in trouble, thinking it was a book of poems. This was actually about the life of a young black man growing up in the bay area. It really resonated with my 12 year old and he got a great perspective. I recomend this book to people from all ages. Very well written and inspiring

- Amazon costumer

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